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Widex’ headquarters is a first-class example of an eco-friendly building, which combines the use of renewable energy with maximum energy recovery.

The groundwater system

Instead of oil or gas, the Widex building employs a special groundwater heating and cooling system – the first of its kind in Denmark to absolutely replace other heat sources. The system stores surplus heat from the building in an aquifer in summer, and uses the stored heat to heat the building in winter. The system is highly efficient and emits a minimum of 70% less CO2 to the environment than a traditional heating system.

Because the system circulates groundwater, there are strict safety requirements. To be confident that there will be no impact on the environment or on the groundwater reservoir beneath us, we asked Denmark’s leading experts in the field to design and implement the system, which includes innumerable safety and monitoring procedures.

Download PDF with more information about the groundwater system

Solar cells

The exterior of the building is clad with a total of 20,000 solar cells, spread across 600 m2 of the south facade. While they do not provide an immediate financial saving, the solar cells are environmentally-friendly and sustainable; they also feel they add a significant aesthetic value to the building.

Wind power

A 100-metre-tall wind mill on site not only covers Widex’ own energy consumption but also delivers surplus energy back to the power grid. The windmill reduces CO2 emissions by 2,000 tonnes a year.

Download PDF with more information about the wind turbine


Rainwater is collected for use in waste disposal while surplus rainwater, together with run-off water from surrounding roads and ditches, is led into a watercourse where it seeps into the groundwater. This helps to maintain the groundwater aquifer.

Other eco-friendly measures

All hot water is heated solely by waste heat from Widex’ air compressor systems. Widex also has a central monitoring system which allows the building's components to communicate with each other. This enables lights, machinery, computers and ventilation, to be automatic switched off when employees leave a department.

If you have any questions about Widex’ environmentally-friendly headquarters, contact PR Manager Peter Hentze Knudsen at +45 44 355 887 or email:
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