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Widex is WindMade

Widex is a WindMade™ pioneer.

Widex is among a group of pioneering enterprises to join the newly-established WindMade label – the first global consumer label for companies that use wind energy.

The WindMade label, which is backed by the UN Global Compact, requires participating companies to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from wind power. In joining the label, Widex is among a select group of major companies who have expressed their commitment to renewable energy. 



Wind turbine covers 95 % of energy needs

Widex procures its energy from a wind turbine at the site of its new global headquarters in Denmark.

The turbine already covers 95% of the headquarters’ energy needs, and is expected to cover 100% in the future – a percentage that greatly exceeds the basic requirements for joining the WindMade programme.

About WindMade

The purpose of WindMade is to increase globally the use of wind power, thereby contributing to the prevention of climate change and to the promotion of resource efficiency and energy security.

WindMade is a non-profit association supported by UN Global Compact and The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) among others.

Read more about the WindMade label at 

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