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Staff development

Widex' strongest resource is the knowledge and experience of its employees, so the welfare of our staff is important to us. We feel that our staff members are best served by freedom with responsibility, in an organisational structure where the distance from idea to action is short.

Most of our working processes take place in-house, which means that our staff can follow the procedures from start to finish. This also means that we have a great deal of interdisciplinary work, which leads to exciting and rewarding exchange of ideas and processes.

Individual development opportunities

An important factor in the well-being of our staff is their opportunity to develop at Widex. We feel that desires and expectations towards further training and development are individual, so all decisions in this area are based on dialogue between the individual member of staff and his or her immediate superior.

Professional development at Widex may also mean that you wish to switch to another job in a different part of the organisation. This usually proves to be a highly beneficial learning process, both for the staff member and for the new department.

Our values
Widex is committed to three core values that inform our decisions and inspire our work.