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Unsolicited applications

Widex is always on the look-out for creative and skilled staff, so you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

You can create your profile in several different databases - depending on your areas of interest.  We will place your application on file for 12 months in case a relevant position becomes vacant in this period. When you have created a profile, you can use this to search a number of different databases.

Jobs in Widex outside of Denmark

If you wish to apply for a job with Widex outside of Denmark, you need to contact the Widex distributor in the country in question directly. Find contact information.


We seek out, produce and disseminate knowledge about hearing, hearing loss, diagnosis, physiological acoustics, psychoacoustics, signal processing, pedagogical and psychological approaches, rehabilitation, testing methods and interview techniques. In this area, we employ many audiologists, speech pathologists, audiological assistants and engineers specialising in sound.

Cleaning & canteen 
If you would like to help to keep our beautiful new headquarters clean and inviting, or offer our employees exciting food experiences every day, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

Electronic development 
The development laboratory, known as U-lab, creates the electronics for our hearing aids and associated equipment, such as remote controls. Widex hearing aids contain a number of ICs which were designed by U-lab, and which are therefore unique. U-lab is divided into four groups: DSP, IC, Analogue and the Applications Group.

Finance and accounts 
Are you good with figures? Send us an unsolicited application if you would like to work in accounting and financial controlling at an international company with many subsidiaries.

In the HR department, we work to attract and recruit new staff members, retain and develop existing staff, and promote the community spirit of the workplace.

Would you like to safeguard the operations of internal and external IT systems at Widex? We work with every aspect of IT, including systems development of our ERP system, maintenance and expansion of our networks and servers, and various staff support functions.

Logistics, supply chain, purchasing & planning 
The primary task of this department is to ensure that Widex produces hearing aids and accessories in the right quantities to match the customers' desired delivery dates, through constant adaptation of capacities in the production departments and materials purchases. In addition, we continuously work to optimise the product flow from order receipt to shipment. At Widex we have centralised purchasing, and negotiating prices and managing stock inventories are important tasks.

Marketing and communication 
Would you like to help raise awareness of Widex, and service sellers in more than 100 countries? Widex has a large marketing department which works with product marketing, PR & events, branding, technical sales support, translation and documentation in more than 30 languages, and more. The department has its own art directors, web designers, copywriters, video production, etc.

Mechanical design and construction
In mechanical design and construction, we employ mainly structural engineers, plastic engineers, industrial designers and technical assistants. The primary tasks are to design and develop the mechanical features of new hearing aids and various accessories.

Office, administration & service 
Administrative assistants, secretaries and the like.

Patent & law 
Many new inventions are developed and patented in the hearing aid industry. The primary task of our legal department is to formulate and quality-assure contracts and co-operation agreements. The department provides professional legal advice in-house, protects Widex' legal interests externally in Denmark and abroad, and handles questions in insurance cases.

Production & warehouse, Vassingeroed

Here you can apply for work in Vassingerød, where there are many different types of jobs in electronic production, e.g. machine operators and fitters, as well as more basic manual labour and warehouse functions. 

Production in Helsinge
In Helsinge, the work consists of assembling hearing aids. Most of our assemblers solder small parts under a microscope, which requires a steady hand, precision and concentration. 

QA, Regulatory affairs
As one of the world's leading hearing aid manufacturers, the quality of our products is naturally of the highest priority. If maintaining optimal input, process and finished product control is something that interests you, or if you would like to help build and maintain our QA system to ensure it always conforms to regulatory requirements, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

The Sales department serves all of Widex' distributors, to enable them to sell and service the largest possible number of Widex products in their respective markets. We provide input for the development of current and future products, and ensure that we achieve the best possible position in the market. We typically employ area sales managers, export managers and sales assistants.

Software development 
Would you like to develop software from scratch? We design and develop our own hearing aid fitting software, Compass, which is used by hearing aid dispensers (e.g. doctors, audiologists or audiological assistants) when they are fitting Widex hearing aids. So if you are a system developer, programmer, usability expert or technical writer, this might be for you.

If you are a looking for a student job, you can search here. Remember to specify what type of job you're interested in, which period is of interest, and what working hours are possible for you. 

Technical product development - engineers & technicians
At Widex, we practise "do it yourself" to the extent necessary to ensure efficient production and solve problems that no-one else has solved, in order to secure the optimal Widex sound and adapt standard machinery to state-of-the-art technology. If you like devising and implementing new technologies, and maintaining and optimising existing ones, you are welcome to apply for a position here.

Tool design 
At Widex, we produce as much as possible ourselves, and the Tools department is an important part of this strategy. Using highly advanced machinery (including CNC-controlled milling machines), we produce and maintain the plastic and rubber tools and cutting, bending and cutting tools used in production.

If you are interested in a position as a student or apprentice, you are welcome to place an unsolicited application here. We currently have student/apprentice positions in the following areas: automation technician, toolmaker, IT support staff/data technician, nutrition assistant and media graphic artist. For more information, see:

If you have not found a category that matches your unsolicited application, you are welcome to place your application in this CV bank.