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Widex regularly collaborates with bachelor, master's and PhD students in connection with project work at various educational institutions. If you would like to utilise Widex or our products as a case study for a project, you are welcome to contact us and describe the subject. The more detailed your enquiry, the greater the chance that we can match your subject.

Enquiries regarding project co-operation may be directed to:

Jobs and practical training at Widex

Several departments in Widex employ student assistants and trainees. When we seek new student assistants and trainees, we advertise the positions on the websites of the relevant educational institutions, as well as under "Vacant positions" on our own website.

You can also create your profile in the Widex CV bank for students. We will place your application on file for 12 months in case a relevant place becomes available in this period.

Meet us through DSE

If you are an engineering student, you can meet us at the DSE fair at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby, which we attend every year in March/April. Here you can have an informal chat with one of our staff, learn more about the company and its products, and hear about the possibilities for co-operating with us on student projects.

In co-operation with DSE we also organise a company presentation every autumn at our head office in Vassingeroed. You can register for this presentation through DSE.

Read more about the DSE fair (in Danish only)

Our values
Widex is committed to three core values that inform our decisions and inspire our work.