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Casper, Foreman

Widex employee Casper Joergensen 
Casper Jørgensen became foreman of our Final Inspection department in 2008, and in 2010 he also became foreman of our Metal and Rubber department.

Casper is the kind of manager who feels that it is very important that each person in the department should take on as much responsibility as they can, and that the department acts as a team. In contrast to many other people, he seeks to make himself dispensable, rather than indispensable, so that the department can practically run itself if, for example, he is away at a meeting.

"I delegate responsibility and decisions to the individual employees as far as possible, because, as a manager, I trust them to know their own professional areas best."

Casper's management style is a healthy blend of humour, appreciation and encouragement rather than control, because most managers are capable of knowing what is going on in general, even without control. As Casper says: "I know pretty well what they can handle during peak load periods, and who works how."

Casper can naturally also lay down the law, if need be. "If problems arise between the employees, we solve them straight away. We sit down at our common table, and nobody leaves the table until the conflict has been discussed and resolved. That way, we can avoid conflicts simmering away in the background for long periods of time, which is corrosive to staff motivation and well-being."

Casper feels it is important that, as a manager, he can speak his mind and determine how he delivers the results. Experience has taught Casper that the absence of trust and cheerfulness can lead to careless mistakes - and that has an impact on the bottom line.

As the foreman of two departments, Casper can give employees a chance to be trained in two different departments, which provides much greater flexibility in planning - and a much better chance for the employee to develop and learn new skills. As Casper puts it: "Employees who want to try something new should have the chance to do so."

Casper Jørgensen (b. 1976), joined Widex in 2008, foreman of the Final Inspection and Metal and Rubber departments.
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