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Kjartan, R&D Laboratory

Widex employee Kjartan Faerch
“At Widex there is space for the individual, allowing us to be creative and carry through our theories.

When I started working at Widex in November 2004, I was still a bit “green” in the electrotechnical field. I came from the Technical University of Denmark, where I had just completed a PhD in integrated optics, but with a basic education in microelectronics.

The development of small integrated circuits is a subject that has always fascinated me, and the hearing aid industry offers a multitude of complex and interesting electrotechnical challenges in this field. I must admit I am quite a nerd as far as this is concerned.

Focus on research

Most of my colleagues in the electronic development laboratory are engineers like myself. Widex is a company that focuses on research, and the number of staff is up 60% since I started. We are divided into specialised teams, and my team works primarily with analogue electronics. It is a complex matter to develop the tiny circuits located inside the hearing aids, but it is rather easy to assess the end product: either it works or it doesn’t.

Thinking in hearing aids

Widex is a family owned company which thinks in hearing aids. There are no shareholders to put pressure on us in order to make money. There is a good atmosphere, and it is widely accepted that there should also be time for the family; what cannot be managed between 8 am and 4 pm, cannot be managed between 4 and 7 pm either. This attitude results in many dedicated employees who are willing to give a little extra when the workload is high.”

Kjartan Færch (b. 1972), R&D Laboratory, employed with Widex since November 2004.


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