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Lisbeth, Quality Department

Widex employee Lisbeth Hagen 
Lisbeth Hagen Jørgensen currently works in the Quality Department, and has worked in production at Widex since 1977, beginning with many years in the Repairs Department.

One of Lisbeth's special skills is soldering under a microscope, which over the years has brought her into contact with many different departments. With her long experience, she could for example help the engineers to mount components on printed circuit boards during the development of prototypes, and in the Mechanical Design department, she has been able to show how wiring can be installed in a hearing aid.

"I am probably rather meticulous - I feel it must look right," says Lisbeth. For her, the crucial thing has been to get the right results out of her work, so that the quality is first class - a perseverance that has kept her going for many years, and which benefits her in her current work in the Quality department. Lisbeth finds it exciting to be involved in creating something that works, and she is also happy to help to train new employees.

For Lisbeth, there are many reasons why she has remained with Widex for so many years. She is fond of her colleagues and likes the good atmosphere among the staff. As she says: "We are serious when we work, but we can also have a bit of fun now and then, and there is always mutual respect." This is also true of the various managers with whom she has worked. "We have always been given considerable freedom with responsibility, so you could do your job without someone looking over your shoulder."

Another reason for her long service with Widex has been the opportunities it gives her for social contact after work. For the past many years, Lisbeth has played badminton every Friday with a company badminton team, and she is a regular guest at many of our celebrations.

Lisbeth Hagen Jørgensen (b. 1959), Quality department.