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Widex as a workplace

Widex is a family-owned company, and the two families who own and run the company are represented by several generations, which gives the employees a feeling of being part of a company tradition. The family ownership also means the ability to make fast decisions when required.

Widex is a company with room for family life. At work, we are dedicated and professional - but there is also a great respect for the employees’ life outside their work.

New headquarters

In February 2010, Widex moved to its new headquarters in Alleroed, north of Copenhagen. The building, which houses more than 600 employees, is entirely CO2 neutral and stands out as a prime example of innovative and environmentally friendly architecture and engineering.
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Leisure and social activities

We appreciate that staff members should have plenty of room for life outside their work, and we offer a range of social activities in the form of sporting, cultural and art societies which provide ample opportunities for staff to meet colleagues from all parts of the organisation. Activities offered by Widex Leisure Activities (WIFA) include cycling, jogging, tennis, badminton and bowling as well as choir-singing and wine tasting. Our new building has a gymnasium for aerobics, yoga and pilates, and an exercise room with modern circuit training and fitness equipment.

Moreover, our Friday café provides opportunities for spending some time with colleagues, and several parties are organised during the year, for example at Christmas time.