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For children - try the Chiwi game

Chiwi is a little blue figure. He's sweet and inquisitive, but he's also a little rascal. He needs help to understand what happens when you are given hearing aids.

With the game "Chiwi - play and learn about hearing aids", we hope to be able to help children to overcome some common barriers that they face when they need hearing aids. The game is aimed at children between three and seven years of age.

The Chiwi universe

In the game, we take the children into a magical universe where, together with Chiwi, they find out what it is like to get hearing aids. We encourage you as a parent to help your child to play the game and to talk about what Chiwi experiences. We find ourselves in a magical world, where not everything is as we are used to.

In the Chiwi universe, you will also meet the audiologist. He is very helpful, and gives good advice throughout the game.

Start the Chiwi game