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Hearing tests

If you suspect that your child may have a hearing impairment, you should contact an ear specialist to arrange a hearing test. The hearing test can confirm or rule out the presence of a hearing impairment. All hearing tests are painless for the child.

The most common hearing tests for small children make use of sounds or speech. The purpose of this type of test is to determine the weakest volume at which the child can hear speech or a series of brief sounds, such as animal noises or musical instruments.

Screening tests of infant hearing

The best way to find out whether a baby has impaired hearing is to screen the child for hearing loss at the earliest possible stage. In some countries, such screening tests are given to all newborn children.

Screening tests can detect moderate or pronounced hearing impairments. Milder hearing impairments will not necessarily be detected. It is therefore important that, as the parents of the infant, you take action if you suspect hearing impairment, by contacting your doctor or an ear specialist.

Read more about the next steps if your child is diagnosed with a hearing impairment.

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