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Getting a hearing aid

When your child is to be fitted with a hearing aid, the hearing clinic will provide advice on the pros and cons of various kinds of hearing aid for the child.

Most children are given behind-the-ear models. A small child's ear grows continuously, so in order to constantly match the child's ear canal, the earmould of the hearing aid must be changed frequently. This can be done quickly and easily with behind-the-ear models.

The ear is examined

When your child is to be fitted with a hearing aid, the hearing care professional will examine the child's ear with an otoscope. An otoscope is a kind of microscope which is used to view the ear canal and eardrum; using the otoscope, the professional can check whether both of these appear healthy. Then an impression may be made for an earmould for your child's hearing aid.

Earmould impressions

In order to create a comfortable and precise earmould for your child, an impression material is used to create an exact replica of the ear canal.

The impression mass is poured into the child's ear from a syringe, and gently removed after it has set. As the child grows, it will be necessary to take new impressions regularly in order to ensure that the earmould always fits the child's ear.

Fitting the hearing aid

Fitting your child's hearing aid is performed as accurately and individually as possible, using specially-designed computer software. The software stores data from the fitted hearing aid, and this data is then used for future fittings.

What you can expect

The hearing clinic should regularly test the child's hearing and make the necessary adjustments to the hearing aids. The hearing care professional should also ensure that, as a parent, you can use and maintain the hearing aids.

The procedure from the child's point of view

Experience a hearing aid fitting session in the children's game Chiwi.


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Hearing aid types
The choice of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss, the shape of the individual ear canal and to some extent the user´s own individual preferences.

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