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Getting used to hearing aids

Using hearing aids should be a positive experience for your child. Give your child a chance to slowly get used to hearing the new sounds. For the first few weeks it is a good idea if your child uses the hearing aids in peaceful surroundings, such as the home. Later on, the child may begin to use the hearing aids in other environments, such as kindergarten or school.

A new routine

It may be a good idea to draw up a plan for the regular use of the hearing aids. This can be difficult, but it is best to keep trying every day. Ideally, the use of hearing aids should become part of the daily routine for you and your child, just like brushing teeth and getting dressed.

If your child has difficulty getting used to the hearing aids, it is important first of all to find out whether the problem is due to the hearing aids themselves. The child's ear is constantly developing, and the earmould may be too small, or the sound volume too loud. Contact the hearing clinic if you are in doubt.

Your role as parent

To ensure that using hearing aids is a positive experience for your child, it is important that, as a parent, you display a patient and positive attitude.

It is not just your child who has to get used to the hearing aids. As a parent, you will need to learn how to handle, operate and maintain the hearing aid, and change its batteries.


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