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Parent to a child with hearing impairment

Parents react in very different ways when they discover that their child has impaired hearing. Such reactions are however quite natural. Some of the most common emotions you may experience are: 
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Guilt 
  • Sorrow and anger
  • Vulnerability
  • Confusion 
  • Relief

If you experience any of these feelings, it can be helpful to talk about them with others. You can obtain valuable assistance at the place where your child is being treated, or in associations for families with children who have impaired hearing.

Accepting the hearing impairment

Many of the above feelings can arise from unanswered questions. Often, obtaining answers to these questions and knowledge of the solutions available can be of great consolation.

You should therefore talk to anyone you feel could shed light on the subject, or who can just be there to listen to your concerns. Questions such as "Will my child's life be difficult because of the impaired hearing?" and "Will my child be able to talk normally?" are very typical. Remember, you are not alone.


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