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Good communication tips

How to communicate with a child that has impaired hearing:
  • Never talk with your back to the child. 
  • Get close to the child when you communicate. The sound volume halves every time the distance from the sound source is doubled, so increasing the distance by just a few metres may prevent the message being understood.  
  • Make eye contact with and look at your child when you wish to communicate with him or her. Your lips, facial expressions and body movements all contain important information.  
  • When you communicate with the child in a room where others are present, always say the child's name.  
  • Speak in a clear voice without shouting. If you speak too loudly, the sound of your voice may become distorted, making it difficult to understand. 
  • Make sure that there is enough light when you talk to your child, so that the child can see your face clearly. 
  • Go on playing, singing and talking with your child. For all children, human contact is essential for their emotional development and well-being. A child with impaired hearing may have an even greater need for close one-to-one contact to provide a basis for communication.

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