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To help children get the best out of their hearing aids, a number of practical and easy-to-use accessories are available, including an RC4 remote control, the SCOLA FM system and DEX assistive listening devices.


Remote controls

If you are the parent of a toddler, you can use the remote control to interrupt or turn off the sound, or change the functions on their  hearing aid. Older children can control their own hearing aids using the remote control.

More about remote controls


The SCOLA FM system, compatible with most of Widex’ hearing aids, can help for example, in the classroom, which is often a difficult acoustic environment with noise, reverberation and distance to the teacher.

More about SCOLA FM

DEX assistive listening devices - wireless technology

Widex offers a range of DEX assistive listening devices, which make listening to music or TV or using a mobile phone easier. There is also a user-friendly DEX remote control available.

Please note that the DEX devices only are compatible with Widex’ wireless hearing aids, the CLEAR family.

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Other accessories

Accessories specifically for babies


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