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Selected hearing aids

Widex offers a wide range of hearing aids for children. Learn more about them here. For specific information about the colours and models for children, go to Colours and models


BABY 440

Widex hearing aid baby

 The only hearing aid designed specifically for babies.

More about BABY440, the colours and accessories


mind hearing aids are suitable for children of all ages and with varying degrees of hearing loss.
mind hearing aids minimise background noise for better understanding of speech, let children hear sounds from all directions - no matter whether in quiet or noisy environments - and reduce  whistling or feedback.


Passion440 is an extremely small and discreet hearing aid while still giving your child incredibly good sound. And as it looks great too, it is a good choice for the older child or teenager.


If you are looking for the premium wireless solution, CLEAR hearing aids are the answer. CLEAR hearing aids communicate with each other instantly and constantly, just like two ears do. And children can truly enjoy the benefits of natural sound.
CLEAR hearing aids are especially suitable for older children, who may also benefit from the DEX assistive listening devices compatible with CLEAR hearing aids.
Widex hearing aid children

Read more about mind, Passion440 and CLEAR hearing aids for children.


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The SCOLA FM devices connect you wirelessly with those you wish to communicate with.

More about SCOLA FM products and benefits.