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phil's hearing story

Phil’s new hearing aids are a joy to use.

Phil traces the roots of his hearing loss to his time in the military as a young man. He brushed it aside for the whole of his working life, but his family were aware of his deteriorating hearing as he became older.

Although often encouraged by his wife to act on the problem, it took Phil about a year to take the step to visit an audiologist.

His first experiences with hearing devices were not positive. But after trying Widex DREAM hearing aids, he never takes them out!

Extremely comfortable

Phil couldn’t be happier with his new hearing aids. He wears them all the time and finds them very comfortable.

They are also extremely easy to operate, changing the batteries is simple and the battery life is excellent.

“I'm very, very comfortable wearing them.”

easy to change the battery

For Phil, simplicity is the key to a positive experience with his hearing aids.

All he has to do is change the batteries when necessary. The device tells him well in advance when battery power is getting low.

Handling my hearing aids is very easy.”

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Easy maintenance of your hearing aids