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What is Single Sided Deafness?

Single Sided Deafness(SSD) is a condition where there is significant or total hearing loss in one ear. If you have SSD, your hearing loss can be helped with a hearing aid which transmits sounds from the deaf ear to a hearing aid in your better ear.

Learn about the WIDEX CROS solution for SSD

Symptoms of Single Sided Deafness

The symptoms of SSD vary but most often it is difficult for you to locate a sound source. For example, you might have difficultly determining where a voice is coming from when addressed from your deaf side. You may also miss out on conversations or have difficulties communicating in certain situations.

Causes of Single Sided Deafness

SSD can arise from a number of different conditions, including:
  • Sudden deafness 
  • Physical damage to the ear 
  • Pressure on the hearing nerve 
  • Inner ear problems including infections (viral or bacterial) 
  • Diseases such as measles, mumps and meningitis

Hearing aids for Single Sided Deafness

Hearing aids can be of considerable help to people with SSD.

A hearing aid that picks up sound from your deaf side and transmits it to the better ear is called a CROS hearing aid. With a CROS solution you can hear sounds on your deaf side. This is particularly helpful when you are engaged in conversation in a challenging environment such as a noisy room, in a moving car or in a group discussion. 

How to get help if you have hearing loss in one ear?

If you think you may have a hearing loss in one ear, contact your local hearing centre. Or find your closest Widex hearing care professional here: