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Practical tips

In certain situations hearing aid users will typically have difficulties hearing despite using a hearing aid. The following advice may help reduce the difficulties:

What you can do:
  • Keep good eye contact with the speaker, or make sure that you can at least see their face well.
  • Move closer when listening to someone at a distance.
  • Look for keywords - understanding becomes easier when you know the topic. 
  • Be early for meetings so you can pick an optimal listening position.
  • Prepare yourself for plays, performances, meetings or the like by looking into the story or the topic before you go.
  • Tell people that you are hearing-impaired - if they do not know, they cannot change their way of talking accordingly.
  • Give people occasional feedback to reassure them that you are following what is being said.

What you can ask others to do:
  • Ask people to talk one at a time.
  • Ask people to catch your attention, for example, by tapping on your shoulder before they speak to you.
  • Ask people to talk slowly and clearly instead of raising their voices.
  • Ask people to avoid smoking or eating while talking.

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