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First-time hearing aid users may find that there are many new things to take into account. Besides learning how to maintain the hearing aid and how to place it on the ear, users need to accustom to new sounds.

Even for experienced users, switching from one hearing aid to another is accompanied by its own set of challenges. First of all, it can be a different type of hearing aid, if the hearing loss has changed. Furthermore, the new hearing aid is likely to be more sophisticated than the previous one - it may contain new features and the sound quality may have changed significantly.

Getting used to a new hearing aid takes time - even for an experienced user. How long depends on the individual.

Challenges using a hearing aid for the first time

It is not unusual to be concerned about what friends, relatives and colleagues will think when seeing you wearing a hearing aid for the first time.

Breaking down prejudices

A common stigma surrounding people with a hearing loss is that they are old or slow-witted. However, using a hearing

aid can actually help break down prejudices. The more people use their hearing aids, the more it becomes evident that they are simply ordinary people of different age groups, genders and social classes. The only way they differ is by their ability to hear.

Mixed emotions

It is not uncommon to feel upset or unhappy when first confronted with a hearing loss and the fact that you are in need of a hearing aid.

However, many people find that such difficulties can be overcome by focusing on the situations where the hearing aid actually helps them to communicate better.

Help is at hand

It is important to remember that you are not alone. For many people, it helps to share their feelings and experiences with others in similar situations. Your hearing care professional can provide counselling if you need it. There are also numerous online resources, including communities and forums you can use. Do not hesitate to ask your hearing care professional for advice. That is what they are there for.


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