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Hearing aids and tinnitus

When there is hearing loss, hearing aids have been shown to be among the most effective means of reducing the perception of tinnitus. Hearing aids do not eliminate tinnitus, however most patients report a decrease in the loudness or disturbing quality of the tinnitus perception.

Widex hearing aids are especially helpful for tinnitus patients because they:

• Provide maximum amplification for very quiet environments thus reducing the contrast between tinnitus and silence
• Limit the overall loudness of sound delivered to the ear in noisier environments, which may be critical for people with hearing loss

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Get a hearing aid with ZEN functionality

The DREAM family of hearing aids from Widex includes the ZEN Program, part of a comprehensive approach that helps patients cope with tinnitus, rather than just masking it. Think of it as a relaxing, musical “spa” for your ears.

Special tinnitus management technology, also known as fractal technology, is combined with the latest in hearing aid innovation to provide you with more sound, more words, a more natural listening experience, and the opportunity to get relief from tinnitus.

Zen simulator tinnitus masker tones
Experience the Zen tones in our Zen simulator by clicking the picture above


Take control of your tinnitus today

Counselling with an experienced hearing healthcare professional trained in managing tinnitus improves your chances of success in regaining your quality of life.
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