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DRY-GO UV™ Electronic Drying Station

Small, portable and easy-to-use


Watch the video above introducing the DRY-GO UV

DRY-GO UV™ helps your hearing aids perform at their best. The easy-to-use DRY-GO UV dries and sanitizes hearing aids and earmoulds in just 3 hours. Daily use results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability, and better ear hygiene. The energy efficient drying station includes a travel case and can be powered by a standard outlet or USB for greater portability. With the new DRY-GO UV, you can protect their hearing investment and enjoy greater peace of mind.


Convective flow of warm air

Perfect drying by convective flow of warm air

Micro-USB standard

5V Micro-USB standard provides mobility

Hygienic cleansing by UV-C light

Hygienic cleansing by UV-C light for your health

Easy handling

Easy handling by touch of sensor button

Automatic room temperature modulation

Automatic room temperature modulation

Automatically shut down after 3h drying

Shuts down automatically after 3h drying


Energy-efficient and safe

Learn more about DRY-GO UV

For more information or to purchase a DRY-GO UV electronic drying station, contact your Hearing Healthcare Professional, or find a Hearing Healthcare Professional near you.


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The choice of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss, the shape of the individual ear canal and to some extent the user´s own individual preferences.

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