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Hearing aid and cell phone compatibility

Hearing aid technology has come a long way in the past few years. We now have special telephones for hearing impaired people which can connect directly to your hearing aids. Cell phones for hearing impaired have also become smarter, with new technology allowing you to listen to music or talk on the phone without even taking it out of your pocket.

At Widex, we believe that your hearing aids should work with all the technology you need in life. That’s why compatibility is a top priority for us. We are always working hard to design new hearing aids and assistive listening devices that will meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology.

Here are the answers to a few questions you may have about compatibility and your Widex hearing aids.

Are Widex hearing aids compatible with mobile devices like phones and tablets?

Yes. Widex hearing aids are able to connect with most phones, tablets, and mobile devices via assistive listening devices. Assistive listening devices allow your hearing aids to communicate with other electronic devices like your cell phone, TV, landline phone, or radio.

There are several types of assistive listening devices on the market today, and each allows you to get the most out of your hearing aids. Widex offers the following devices:
  • TV-DEX: The TV-DEX attaches to your television and streams real-time audio to your hearing aids, so you can have the volume at the level that is appropriate for your individual hearing level, rather than that of other family members. Read more here.
  • PHONE-DEX: PHONE-DEX is a cordless phone for hearing impaired people that streams sound directly into your hearing aids. It also works as a normal phone – so family and friends can use it as well. Read more here.
  • M-DEX: The M-DEX transmits phone conversations directly into your hearing aids, and can be handled via a small remote control. Read more here.
  • UNI-DEX:  UNI-DEX offers a plug–and-play solution for cell phone use. The built-in microphone allows you to talk hands-free when using a mobile phone or when using Skype via PC or tablet. You can also use the UNI-DEX with your personal audio device. Read more here.
  • FM+DEX: The FM+DEX is a streaming device that attaches to an FM module. With these devices, hearing aid users can receive FM signals directly into their hearing aids – for example in a classroom, an auditorium, or a museum. Read more here.

Are Widex hearing aids compatible with most mobile phones?

Yes. Current models of Widex hearing aids connect with most mobile phones via UNI-DEX, a neck-worn assistive listening device. UNI-DEX’ built-in microphone allows you to talk hands-free and listen to your music on your phone or tablet. UNI-DEX works with almost all phones. See here for a full list.

Are Widex hearing aids compatible with iPhones?

Yes. Widex hearing aids can connect with your iPhone via a UNI-DEX assistive listening device. This neck-worn device allows you to talk and listen to music hands-free on your iPhone and most other mobile phones. Widex hearing aids are not, however, made for iPhone hearing aids.

Are there Widex hearing aids with Bluetooth?

Many companies offer Bluetooth for hearing aids. We offer something better. Widex hearing aids use Widexlink, a wireless technology that streams better than Bluetooth. Unlike Bluetooth, the most common form of wireless technology, WidexLink is designed specifically for the demands of hearing aids.  It uses less power, is extremely fast and ensures there are no delays or drop-out of sound. Learn more about it here.