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SCOLA bridges the gap between you and the people with whom you wish to communicate.

SCOLA FM is a family of wireless devices that contribute to language comprehension, development and learning, and give people with hearing impairments the optimal conditions to hear and understand speech when they find themselves in noisy environments with poor acoustics.

How SCOLA works

Essentially, the SCOLA FM system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The SCOLA receiver is usually connected to the hearing aid, while the SCOLA transmitter is placed near the person to whom you wish to listen.

The advantage of the system is that the distance from the person speaking is no longer an obstacle to clear hearing. In effect, the listening point is the location at which the SCOLA transmitter is positioned.

The SCOLA system encompasses various different types of transmitters and receivers. Widex offers different combinations, depending on the situation, which together provide the most efficient FM solution for the specific needs.

Children and hearing loss
There is no reason why a child with impaired hearing should not have a good childhood.

Information about language development, hearing tests, Widex solutions for children and much more.