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SCOLA - a help to both children and adults

The SCOLA system, together with a hearing aid, is particularly helpful to children: it improves the language learning process and supports the child's social development, especially in teaching situations. But adults can also benefit greatly from the SCOLA system in their work and leisure time.


For children with normal hearing, language acquisition begins in the womb. It is thus essential to tackle a child's hearing problems at the earliest possible stage.

More and more children's audiologists are recommending that young children with impaired hearing should use FM systems from as early as age two or three. The child should however be accustomed to the use of a hearing aid before the FM system is introduced.

Children and young people

A classroom can be a difficult acoustic environment, with poor acoustics, noise, reverberation and distance to the teacher. Here SCOLA can be very helpful, as it gives the child an opportunity to hear more clearly what is being said and to fully take part in conversations with the teacher and other children. It is of vital social importance to be able to participate on an equal footing with other children, not only in school but also in other contexts – such as with other family members around the dining table at home.


There can be situations in both work and leisure time where noise and reverberation make it difficult to hear clearly. In these situations, SCOLA can help.

Poor acoustic conditions, such as noise from machinery, combined with a certain distance to the person speaking, are often significant factors. The SCOLA equipment can be connected to all kinds of external equipment, such as televisions, radios or PCs.