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WIDEX BABY440 accessories

As babies begin to explore their world, it is good to know they can move around while their hearing aid remains in place.

Not only is WIDEX BABY440 solidly constructed, it also has a range of features and accessories to ensure that it is safe, tamper-resistant, secure to wear and can be controlled from a distance:

  • Keep an eye battery power WIDEX BABY440 with a convenient LED lamp.
  • A tamper-resistant battery door keeps the tiny battery away from your baby.
  • A remote control lets you control WIDEX BABY440 so you decide the volume level and the listening program.
  • Specially designed tape helps WIDEX BABY440 stay in place.  
  • A safety cord can be fastened to WIDEX BABY440 to prevent your baby from losing it. You can also use the baby bonnet.  
  • The Widex Baby Kit - everything you need to maintain WIDEX BABY440.