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RIC  (receiver-in-canal) model.

Recommended for minimal to moderately severe hearing loss.

Recommended for children over the age of five years.
  • pa-440

Passion hearing aids

Virtually invisible

Passion, one of the world’s smallest hearing aids to sit behind the ear, proves that advanced technology can also look good. Ultra-small, incredibly comfortable to wear, stylish and discreet - Passion is all of the above.

How do we do this? Well, the receiver or loudspeaker in Passion is placed in the ear canal itself with the rest of the hearing aid behind the ear. This allows us to radically reduce size and provide you with everything you’d expect from a Widex hearing aid.

For example, you can enjoy our harmonic sound program, Zen, which plays a choice of soothing tones and chimes to help you relax.

The unique feedback cancelling system in Passion also helps minimise annoying whistling.



Hearing aid types
The choice of hearing aid depends on the type of hearing loss, the shape of the individual ear canal and to some extent the user´s own individual preferences.

See which hearing aid types Widex offers.
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