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Audibility Extender - Rediscover sounds

If you have trouble hearing high-frequency sounds, the Audibility Extender from Widex can help. It is our radical technology that moves high-frequency sounds down to lower frequency regions where you can actually hear them.
Widex music listening

All the sounds that matter

From musical instruments, to the ‘ping’ of a microwave, to the birds and their birdsong – the Audibility Extender extends the range of sounds you can hear.

Say it /s/oftly

The Audibility Extender has been proven to help children make better sense of speech. In particular, soft consonants such as /s/ and /sh/ - which are often hard for people with high-frequency hearing loss to hear - are made audible.

The sound of (all) music

Hear all the notes all the time. With the Audibility Extender you can hear high-pitched sounds so you can enjoy the entire band or hear all the orchestra. Even those instruments you don’t know the name of. Hear all the notes all the time.

The Audibility Extender is available in all our latest hearing aids including the mind series, our wireless CLEAR, DREAM and the new power hearing aid, SUPER.