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Binaural hearing - open both ears to the sound of life

Hearing with only one ear is difficult, limiting and a physical strain. For hearing aid users, wearing two hearing aids instead of one has distinct advantages.

Using both ears to hear is called binaural hearing. Our brain is wired to hear the world with two ears; it uses them to localize sounds and distinguish the relevant sound from noise.

Balance your hearing

There is a range of benefits in using two hearing aids instead of one.

Directional hearing is improved. That means it is easier and quicker to pin-point the direction sounds are coming from. If you are talking to a group of people, the conversation often shifts rapidly between speakers. Two hearing aids help you quickly locate the person talking.

Speech is easier to understand with two hearing aids. People with normal hearing have the ability to separate one conversation from another. With two hearing aids you can listen selectively to the person you are interested in hearing – also in noisy surroundings.

Wearing comfort is increased as the volume does not have to be as loud as when wearing only one hearing aid. And the overall sound is improved.

Preservation of hearing. Wearing two hearing aids stimulates the brains ability to discriminate sounds.

At Widex we produce a wide range of hearing aids that are perfect for binaural hearing.

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