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The invisible wireless WidexLink

At Widex, we have developed our own technology to ensure that your hearing aids can communicate with each other – and with your TV, mobile phone or other devices. We call this technology WidexLink.

WidexLink is our own unique wireless technology.

Unlike Bluetooth, the most common form of wireless technology, WidexLink is designed specifically for the demands of hearing aids.
It uses less power, is extremely fast and ensures there are no delays or drop-out of sound.

Keeps you connected

With WidexLink, your hearing aids are constantly in communication with each other.
But it doesn’t stop there. Our DEX assistive listening devices use WidexLink to transmit sound between them and your hearing aids. So no matter whether you are watching television, listening to music or talking on your phone, you are connected instantly to a world of sounds.

Watching TV undisturbed

Echo and delay in existing wireless technology often makes watching television a challenge. With our TV-DEX, there is no noticeable delay so you can enjoy your favourite film or programme uninterrupted.
Not only that, you can also switch off the microphones of your hearing aids so you are not distracted by others and can fully enjoy streaming sound directly from your TV to your ears.
More about the TV-DEX.

Hear clearly on the phone

We all know how important it is to be able to hear phone conversations clearly and without distraction.
The PHONE-DEX is an all-purpose, cordless phone that streams crystal clear sound directly to your hearing aids.
It is incredibly easy to use – the only thing you need to do is hold the phone normally. No extra streamer is necessary, nor do you need to switch to a telecoil program on your hearing aid.
More about the PHONE-DEX.

The following Widex hearing aid series are based on our wireless technology: